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On Sale! Official Pro Footvolley Tour Mini-Court

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Official Pro Footvolley Tour Footvolley Mini-Court
This is how the professional footvolley athletes get started in the sport! Generally, athletes are soccer players who get get their first fun in footvolley with the reduced sized courts. Super fun to play! Every home in America deserves a footvolley mini-court!

Set Includes:
Aluminum poles, Reduced size Official Pro Footvolley Tour net, Guide Ropes with 4 metal stakes, Boundary Line, and polyester zippered carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

Pro Footvolley Tour Product Guarantee:
This Footvolley Mini-Court product - unlike many similar ones (badminton, volleyball, etc.) - is of high quality, durable, and sturdy for play. This is an in-house tested product with approval from the Pro Footvolley Tour athletes who tested, and played on, the net system. Get into footvolley on the same court that the Pro's start off on!

Footvolley is both addictive and significantly improves soccer touches! You will become a much more complete player and will have ton of fun playing!

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