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The Official Footvolley Match Ball of the Pro Footvolley Tour

Size 68.0-70.0cm
Weight 410-450g
Material High Grade Synthetic Leather
Construction Laminated
Country Imported

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The World's only purpose-built footvolley ball debuted for the 2015 Pro Footvolley Tour Season and has been used in every competition since. This is the ball that the true footvolley professionals play and train with.

United States Footvolley Association
In 2016, the United States Footvolley Association adopted the Pro Footvolley Tour Official Match Ball ball for its 2016 RIO national qualifiers.

What Distinguishes Official Footvolley Match Ball from Cheap Soccer Balls:?
- Durability: Expect this ball to last quite some time. With a strong exterior hyde - this ball is intended for maximum performance with regular use
- Play-a-bility - even if this ball ricochets off a player, the net, with force the ball maintains shape and remains 'play-able'. Not an easy action to describe. Using a sports analogy - this ball would be similar to a rugged baseball when hit versus a racquet ball. The baseball maintains its 'play-ability' - its shape. Whereas the rubber ball is nearly impossible. That is the difference with the Official Footvolley Match ball versus a soccer ball.
- Air-Retention - this ball has superior imported butyl bladder allowing for long-term air retention. Regular soccer balls deflate within just a few hours. This ball will maintain air for much longer.

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