2018 World Footvolley Classic


Paraguay: Nelson 'Canela' Santa Cruz & AJ Mendonca

Scouting Report:
Paraguay comes into South Beach with the reputation of World Beaters; but will journey-side of Canela & long-time partner Mendonca provide one-last hooray or is the tank empty? Santa Cruz is surgical and cerebrial.  Perhaps the most intelligent footvolley player for a long time in the World.  Santa Cruz allows the ebbs and flows of a match to not in any manner deter from his focus on winning. Santa Cruz is 75% of the team.  He scores at will when given the chance.  Rarely receives a serve.  Mendonca is the Robin; but a worthy partner who comes up with big defensive plays and has mastered placing his sets at the net for Santa Cruz to deliver the goods.  Not the flashiest team; but one nobody feels comfortable wagering against!