2018 World Footvolley Classic


Argentina: Jose 'Polaco' Vidal & Maximiliano Schenfeld

Scouting Report:
Argentina brings a young, fast, good defensive, and smart squad to South Beach.  Recent footvolley converts from soccer, both athletes have spring in their step which enables them to get to every ball.  Hustle isn't an issue with this squad.  Although relatively new to footvolley at an international level, the Argentinians have proven to raise their game and have come away with some big surprise victories.  Jose 'Polaco' Vidal has better all around composure than his partner with an excellent chest pass and solid defensive work.  What Vidal lacks, Maximiliano Schenfeld makes up for: coveted SHARK ATTACKS!  Schenfeld is very deceptive at the net and has a high kill ratio when given the chance to attack at the net.  Don't sleep on Argentina!